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So Mobile!

"Born under an azalea bush on Mardi Gras Day." This is how we describe people who are so decidedly Mobile that there's no doubt that they entered our world under one of our prized flowering bushes on that most festive of Mobile holidays.

There are many traditions, sayings, habits and beliefs that true Mobilians embrace with gusto. We proudly march to the beat of our own drum and pride ourselves on these unique qualities, characters and customs. Here are just a few attributes that scream "That's So Mobile!'"

Joe Cain Day Street PartySunday Brunch and the ChampangelPorch SittingBieville Square SquirrelFarmer's Market

  • Joe Cain Day. As the father of Mobile Mardi Gras, Joe Cain was instrumental in ensuring that the Mardi Gras celebration (which was first started in Mobile) would live on for generations. In 1866, in order to revive the spirts of Mobilians following the Civil War, Joe Cain paraded through the streets of Mobile. Now, we celebrate him every year on the Sunday before Fat Tuesday for Joe Cain Day. Click here for the full background on America's original Mardi Gras.
  • Azalea Trail Maids. Mobile's genteel ambassadors, the Azalea Trail Maids are a group of fifty high school young women who are chosen yearly to serve as official ambassadors of the city. They make appearances at hundreds of city, state and national events each year in extravagantly detailed pastel-colored dresses.
  • Street parties. Closing a street down, hanging lanterns from ancient oaks and placing fresh flowers atop white linen draped tables is the way we party. Street Parties have long been a tradition in Mobile for two very important reasons - we love to socialize and we love to entertain.
  • Canopies. Many of our downtown and midtown streets are lined with ancient live oaks, creating dramatic canopies of trees.
  • Personal Tails. With over 39 Mardi Gras balls to choose from and tails being the costume de rigeur, many Mobile men own their own set of tuxedo tails.
  • Saturday Nights in the Fall. Weddings are planned around Alabama or Auburn football schedules. No explanation needed.
  • Porches with STYLE. Many Mobilians consider their porch an extension of their living rooms and a drive through any of our historic neighborhoods will attest to that. Brightly colored pillows lining rocking chairs and porch swings, massive ferns, elegant lighting and probably a snoozing cat or two are daily scenes you'll find throughout our coastal town.
  • Huggers. We are always ready for a cold beverage. In fact, we bet, if you ask, you'll find that many Mobilians come ready with huggers for keeping those drinks nice and cold. Most people we know have dozens of huggers, each an expression of the owner's personality, team alliance or whose wedding you recently attended.
  • Brunch. A sport in Mobile and the cause of many long Sunday afternoons filled with laughter, great food and bottomless Mimosas. If you're planning on visiting Mobile, make sure Sundays are part of your plan.
  • Bienville Square Squirrels. Popular Bienville Square is home to a colony of squirrels that have become so tame that they'll eat a peanut or treat right out of your hands.
  • "Damn The Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!" On August 5, 1864, U. S. Rear Admiral David Farragut led the Union attack on Mobile Bay. The Confederates protected the bay at Fort Morgan and Fort Gaines using mines, called torpedoes. When the lead ship struck a mine and sank, Farragut allegedly urged his men on with the cry of, "Damn the Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!"
  • West Indies Salad. An abundance of fresh crab from our coast led one local restaurateur to create a one-of-a-kind salad that has become a Mobile favorite for generations. Lump crab meat, onions, citrus and touch of Creole spice makes this seafood salad a must-eat for locals and visitors alike.


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