Georgians, the country not the state, not only invented wine they invented something called khachapuri centuries ago, creating probably the first cheese and wine paring. The Cheese Cottage in Mobile, Alabama first put this dish on the menu last year, and it was a major hit. Chef Stephanie Funaro-Guinnes says, “This dish yells comfort food.” A cheese-filled bread, made with aged cheeses, feta, goat cheese, mozzarella, and parmesan are her cultures of choice. She cracks a quail egg over the cheese, and blends. Grab a hunk of that warm bread from the side and get to dipping.

A Swiss dish that’s also wildly popular in France, Raclette is another offering at The Cheese Cottage during colder months. Melted by a special machine, or in front of a fire, the melted cheese is scraped over guests’ food, typically at the table. Accompaniments such as small potatoes, cornichons, dried meats, and a warm baguette come with the raclette.

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