From haunted inns to seriously creepy cemeteries, there's nothing quite like learning the intriguing history of a place famous for ghostly sightings—especially around Halloween. But abandoned towns in the middle of nowhere aren't the only spots where you can experience paranormal activity; large cities and popular towns also have a plethora of haunted places like centuries-old mansions, whispery bridges, and even Civil War battlefields. 

Scared yet? Pack family or friends in the car and head to one of these destinations near you that offer something for everyone craving some frighting entertainment this fall.

Haunted Places in the South

Mobile, Ala.

Hear tales of darkness, death, and dismemberment on Mobile's Dark Secrets Tour that explores pre-Civil War mansions, overgrown gardens, and an old church with a mysterious past. Don't forget to pay a visit to the USS ALABAMA, where aboard this historic battleship, several people have reported hearing ghostly footsteps, strange voices, and the slamming of hatches.

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