Karyn Locke


Mobile, AL, is a city booming with culture, cool restaurants, and an all-over fun vibe. When this Northern gal headed south for a month this winter, Mobile was my last stop on the whirlwind visit and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a cool city to visit with kids or as a couple and offers plenty of culture-filled activities and outdoorsy spots to enjoy the weather. Here are the 6 coolest, funnest, and best things to do in Mobile with kids.

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Mobile has been on my radar as a place to visit for at least a decade. Not only is it a city filled with military and marine history (it sits on the gorgeous Mobile Bay that eventually leads to the Gulf Coast) and it’s location offers an ideal view of Southern city life. Another cool feature about Mobile that I didn’t know until I visited: it was founded as the capital of French Louisiana at the turn of the 18th Century. Read Full Story