When planning your next trip to Mobile, Alabama, make sure to make time to visit “Clotilda: The Exhibition.” 

The exhibition tells the story of the planning and execution of the last known illegal importation of 110 enslaved Africans into the United States in 1860. Clotilda the Exhibition follows how the African people were brought to Mobile and what happened to them after slavery ended. 

What is The Clotilda?

The importation of enslaved people was outlawed in the United States in 1808. The slave trade, however, remained legal until 1865. Local Mobile businessman Timothy Meaher wagered in 1860 that he could send a ship to West Africa to collect more people to enslave without punishment. Meaher won that bet.

The Clotilda is the ship that brought 110 Africans to Mobile, Alabama, for enslavement. It is the last known U.S. slave ship.



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