Of all the ways to explore Mobile during your visit, nothing beats a free walking tour in our beautiful downtown. Our team at Visit Mobile has put together four free walking tours every Saturday in April! From visiting historic landmarks, learning about our rich African American culture, to gazing at our beautiful architecture and discovering the true founders of America’s original Mardi Gras, you’re sure to enjoy one, or all, of these walking tours.

Take a look at what you will learn about: 

April 2, 2022 - Mardi Gras in Mobile, Craig Roberts
Dating back to the early 1700s, Mobile has long been celebrating Mardi Gras. Revived in the 1800’s by Mobile’s own, Joe Cain, we like to say Mardi Gras is in our DNA. Local Historian, L. Craig Roberts, will explore the captivating and charismatic history of Mardi Gras in the Port City.

April 9, 2022 –  Historic Church Street Walking Tour, Jim Garrison
Seven National Register Historic Districts make up what is known as downtown and midtown Mobile. On this tour, Jim Garrison will walk guests through Church Street East where front porches are as stylish as the living rooms within, giant ferns sway in the breeze and ancient live oak trees form canopies over the streets.

April 16, 2022 – African American Heritage in Mobile, Eric Finley
While touring downtown Mobile, you’ll explore many locations significant to Mobile’s African American history. Local tour guide, Eric Finley, will take you through the stories of sacrifice, resilience and success of Mobile’s African American community. 

April 23, 2022 – The Working Waterfront of the Mobile River, Capt. Chris Wiber
The downtown waterfront of Mobile, Alabama is full of rich history, culture and economic importance. This bustling port welcomes ships from all over the world, along with tugboats and barges that roam the many rivers of North America. The city skyline, GulfQuest Maritime museum, civilian and military shipyards, cruise terminals and more will be discussed on this tour. 

April 30, 2022 – The Mobile Food Scene, Chris Andrews
In Mobile, folks both live to eat and eat to live. Food is very much a part of who we are, and you can’t have an authentic visit without being fully immersed in our food culture. Food tour operator, Chris Andrews, will take guests through Mobile’s culinary scene that we’ve been perfecting for well over 300 years.

The tours will begin at 10 a.m. each Saturday departing from Visit Mobile’s Welcome Center (located inside the History Museum of Mobile) in Downtown Mobile.  For more information, contact us at pkieffer@mobile.org or call 251.208.2011.