Empowering Your Family Through Genealogy Research Workshop

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Frazine Taylor is a historian, author, and genealogist specializing in African American genealogy, and she is bringing her expertise to the History Museum of Mobile for a special workshop on how to research African American family history.

Family history isn't just about records and vital statistics- it's also about the stories, memories, and traditions that you want to pass on to future generations.

When we look at our family's history, land, and homesteads, what do we see? We should have a record of how they lived through the years, and, if we don't, then we should research it. There are many tools or resources that you can use to get information on their property and lives.

An easy but costly way to find out about your own family history is to hire a professional genealogist to connect the dots. However, you can connect the dots yourself by using the many tools that are available to you. During the workshop, Ms. Taylor is going to teach attendees how to utilize oral histories and federal and state census records to uncover the past, and how to use census data to create a family tree. She will also introduce other resources that people can use.

The workshop is $25 per person (ages 18 and up). Coffee, soft drinks, and donuts will be served. Attendees only need to bring a notebook and a pen or pencil. The workshop is limited to 60 people.

Reservations are required. To make a reservation, please call Jennifer Theeck, at (251) 301-0270.