Meet Marlee Bush!

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Join us on June 1st, 3-5pm, for an afternoon of suspense and intrigue as we host Alabama author Marlee Bush at The Haunted Book Shop. Her debut thriller 'When She Was Me' is sure to keep you turning the pages. Marlee will be signing books and in-conversation with the Editor of Well Read Magazine, Mandy Haynes. You don't want to miss this conversation!

About When She Was Me

Based in an isolated Tennessee campground, the novel tells the chilling tale of twin sisters, Cassie, and Lenora, as they grapple with a traumatic past. Their sanctuary at Cabin Two provides a much-needed cover from the world's prying eyes until the sudden disappearance of a teen girl at a neighboring cabin sets their world into a tailspin. As the evidence mounts and the crime begins to resemble their troubled past experiences, each sister begins to suspect the other. Amidst the deceptive tranquility of the woods, the sisters are forced to unravel not just the truth of the recent disappearance, but also the disturbing secrets tucked away in their own pasts.

An exploration of family dynamics, deceit, and resilience, 'When She Was Me' is a spine-tingling thriller that fans of the genre won't want to miss. Set against the eerie backdrop of a remote campground, the story weaves heartbreaking tragedy with nail-biting suspense, demonstrating Marlee Bush's adept skills at crafting compelling narrative and complex characters.

In this event, Marlee will delve into the inspiration behind her latest chilling novel, providing insights into her creative process and how she crafted the dark, intricate world of Cassie and Lenora. Don't miss this captivating vent on June 1st at The Haunted Book Shop -- it's an evening that promises an exciting journey into the mind of a gifted storyteller.