Sailing Stories: July Artwalk with Jane Golden

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Join us for July Artwalk with author Jane Golden. Perfect for summer, Jane will be signing her book 'A Woman's Guide to the World of Sailing - the Dreams and Realities of Competitive Cruising, Competitive Sailing and Crossings' on July 12th, 6-8pm, at The Haunted Book Shop.

Jane Golden's book draws on her extensive personal experiences as a sailor. From raucous beginnings as a volunteer crew member onboard other people's sailboats, she eventually became the proud owner of Gypsy Lady, cruising the Gulf Coast with family and friends in tow. This journey led her across the Atlantic Ocean, as a crew member for the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, and later, she supported the Gypsy Lady and her family’s participation in the annual Regata al Sol, a renowned yacht club race from Pensacola to Mexico.

In 'A Woman's Guide to the World of Sailing', Jane delves into the intricacies, peculiarities, and politics of various seaside events. She provides a woman's perspective on the world of sailing, recounting her adventures, and making sense of the complex dynamics involved. Her book serves not only as an entertaining narrative, but also as a guide, offering in-depth information on how these elaborate events are structured.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet Jane herself, as she sets her experiences sailing across the high seas against the backdrop of storytelling. Revel in the detailed descriptions of the Regata al Sol event founder and the vibrant post-race celebrations, sparking a desire in many to be part of the race and festivities.

Mr. Bingley and all The Haunted Book Shop Haints can't wait to see during July Artwalk.