The donation book drive for grades K-8

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The Cleon Jones Last Out Community Foundation is in partnership with the Africatown Scholars, Historians & Storytellers & Visit Mobile to host a book drive for the youth of the Africatown village and surrounding areas. We want help elementary and middle schools of this area increase the personal libraries of its students while providing reading and math instructions camps for its students. We wish to give a reader and math illustration & instruction guide to each student of these schools that amount to around 400 kids. A donation of $10 or more will help us to match the donations are order some great books. As a child I traveled the entire world continent by continent through the greatest gifts my parents had ever given me. Those gifts were encyclopedia sets each year. It was the cheapest trip around the world in existence. Donations to the start Oct 17, 2023 ending on Dec 15, 2023.