Drink up! Local beer is better - it’s just the glorious truth! Local breweries abound in downtown Mobile - in fact, all four microbreweries are within walking distance of each other! Head over to one, or all, of our taprooms and enjoy fresh brewed, local beer.

Oyster City Brewing: 

What started as a home brew system in their backyard has turned into a coastal paradise! Try the Mill Pond Dirty - a blonde ale with a well-balanced craft malt structure. According to Oyster City Brewing, she pairs well with oysters - something Mobile is known for! 

P.S. Mill Pond Dirty was the Gold Medal Winner in the 2020 US Open Beer Championship!

Iron Hand Brewing: 

Crafting Community through Craft Beer is Iron Hand Brewing’s mission! From local brews and pub food made on-site to wine and spirits, this is the perfect spot for a day on the town. Test your mind every Thursday at Trivia Night or stop by for a delicious brunch on Sunday! 


Old Majestic Brewing Co.

Not just a beer-drinking opportunity, but a beer-drinking experience! Enjoy a brew (or two) outside in the Old Majestic Brewing Co. courtyard, and take in all that downtown has to offer. Taste the J. Cain’s Cream Ale for a “flavorful American ‘lawnmower’ beer,” or let your adventurous side come out with the Tooty Fruity Fresh and Fruity inspired by Fruity Pebbles! 


Braided River Brewing Co. 

Crafting beer that pairs perfectly with days out in the Gulf Coast heat!  Try the Hoppy By Nature loaded with tropical, fruity flavors for a true taste of Mobile. 

Braided River Brewing Co. is passionate about making sustainable choices, and they do just that by using the Brewers Association's Sustainability Benchmarking Tool to stay accountable. They even donate sales from their Coastal Stout and Summer Crush benefit to local environmental agencies! 


Cheers to local brews!