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As the city that was Born to Celebrate, we're giving you another reason to kick up your heels during 2nd Weekends in Mobile. Your weekend will start with LoDa ArtWalk where you'll join the locals to enjoy the latest in local art, music, food and culture. On Saturday, we'll be at Cooper Riverside Park for Saturdays at The Coop featuring live music, vendors, food trucks and more! You might be thinking ... what else? Our 300 year-old city has so much to see and explore; check out our trip planning inspiration for more ideas!

  •  Every second weekend of the month, on Friday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., downtown Mobile comes alive during ArtWalk! This is the perfect event to get friends together, take the family out or go for an evening stroll and join folks to enjoy the latest in local art, music, food and culture. Grab a drink or beignet and browse local galleries, public spaces and pop-up markets. ArtWalk celebrates Mobile's diversity; visitors will find both the contemporary and traditional, from crafts to furnishings, while enjoying all the flavors of Mobile, grab a table and take in the scene or a bite to go from one of the food trucks and be part of the scene. The community-wide art show is a perfect way to "do as the locals do"  while getting a taste, ear- and eye-full of all things funky and charming that our coastal city has to offer. The event takes place through a partnership between the Mobile Arts Council and the City of Mobile Special Events department.

  • This is a Monthly Concert Series that takes place at Cooper Riverside Park! Live music, local vendors, food trucks. Bring your own snacks, coolers, chairs and blankets to celebrate and enjoy the night with the Mobile Parks and Recreation Department. Second Saturday of the month, 7:00 - 10:00 PM.

    • *April 9, Battleship Park Location, 3-5 pm: Kickstand Jenny (rock)
    • May 14, 7-10 pm: Brandon Blackburn (country)
    • June 11, 7-10 pm: Everyday People (reggae)
    • July 9, Kids Day Event, 4-7 pm: Andy Roo & The Andyrooniverse
    • August 13, 7-10 pm: Disco Kiss (rock cover band)
    • September 10, 7-10 pm: The Gator Boys (not your grandpa's bluegrass)
    • October 15, 7-10 pm: Jenna McClelland (rock)
    • November 12, 7-10 pm: Hollywood Vagabonds (80's hairband)
    • December 10, 7-10 pm: Stormfolk (folk Christmas)
  • April
    4.7.22 - Movies in the Park
    4.8.22 - ArtWalk
    4.9.22 - Kites Over Mobile Day 1 (Saturdays at the Coop relocated to Battleship Park)
    4.10.22 - Kites Over Mobile Day 2

    5.13.22 - ArtWalk
    5.13.22 - Roll Mobile
    5.14.22 - Saturdays at the Coop
    5.14.22 - Market in the Park in Cathedral Square

    6.9.22 - Market in the Park at Trinity Gardens
    6.10.22 - ArtWalk
    6.10.22 - Roll Mobile
    6.11.22 - Saturdays at the Coop
    6.11.22 - Market in the Park at Cathedral Square

    7.7.22 - Market in the Park at Trinity Gardens
    7.8.22 - ArtWalk
    7.8.22 - Roll Mobile
    7.9.22 - Kids Day Together with Saturdays at the Coop
    7.9.22 - Market in the Park at Cathedral Square

    8.12.22 - ArtWalk
    8.12.22 - Roll Mobile
    8.13.22 - Saturdays at the Coop

    9.8.22 - Movies in the Park
    9.9.22 - ArtWalk
    9.9.22 - Roll Mobile
    9.10.22 - Saturdays at the Coop

    10.13.22 - Movies in the Park
    10.14.22 - ArtWalk
    10.14.22 - Roll Mobile
    10.15.22 - Saturdays at the Coop
    10.15.22 - Market in the Park at Cathedral Square

    11.11.22 - ArtWalk
    11.12.22 - Saturdays at the Coop
    11.12.22 - Market in the Park at Cathedral Square
    11.12.22 - Dia-BEAT-It Walk/5k (Partnered Event)

    12.9.22 - ArtWalk
    12.10.22 - Saturdays at the Coop

Trip Planning Inspiration 

Whether you're sold on 2nd Weekend or just looking for quick getaway ideas, we have the trip inspo for you! Check out our suggested itineraries and start your vacation dream board today!