Joe Cain Day

February 23, 2020


Today, his historic march is commemorated on the Sunday before Fat Tuesday. For the full Mobile Mardi Gras experience, one must attend Joe Cain Day and all of its uniquely Mobile events. Meet his Merry Widows at Church Street Graveyard to watch his veiled widows argue over who was Cain’s favorite and afterward break into celebration and toss their signature black wares. Follow his widows to Joe Cain’s original home for a street party before marching in the “people’s parade” a procession with a crew of folks from all walks of life marching to commemorate Joe Cain's role in reviving Mardi Gras!



There are many Mardi Gras celebrations around the world,

but there is only one Joe Cain Day. 



Who is Joe Cain? And why does he have a day all of his own? We’re so glad you asked! 


-Joe Cain is considered the founder of Mobile's modern-day Mardi Gras




-In 1866, he paraded through downtown Mobile dressed as an Indian chief, Chief Slackabamarinico aka "Chief Slac"



-This small celebration rejuvenated the city's Carnival tradition after the Civil War




-Dressed as "Chief Slac," Joe Cain has become Mobile's iconic Mascot 

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