Story Ideas

Mobile has 300+ years of stories we could tell you, but we think these are some angles to get you started.

Our Identity 

Mobile goes by four different nicknames, all of which reveal something about our unique identity. We are “The Port City” (the ninth largest port in the United States … and the 12th busiest), “The Azalea City” (take a stroll around the city in the spring and it’ll be beautifully clear why), “The City of Six Flags” (we’re so amazing that six different nations wanted a piece of us) and “The Gateway to Gulf” (you know what that means … seafood galore!).

Our Culinary Culture

Clearly, our position right on the Gulf of Mexico means that we serve some of the most incredible, fresh seafood you’ll find in any city, anywhere. That said, it’s about more than the bounty of the waters in Mobile. With strong ties to so many interesting cultures, it just makes sense that our rich melting pot of flavors and personalities easily finds its way to local tables and plates. We can take the most traditional dish and put a very untraditional, uniquely “Mobilian” spin on it.  


Our Rich History 

Mobile was the first city in Alabama, dating all the way back to 1702 … that’s 117 years before our state even became a state! We boast a diverse legacy that starts with the Native Americans who loved and cared for the land and water. Next came African, British, Catholic, Creole, French, Greek and Spanish influences. Throughout the city, you’ll find historic sites honoring that beautiful blend of people and traditions. As an example, our Dora Franklin Finley African-American Heritage Trail tour takes visitors to more than 40 key sites … and counting. You’ll also find historic homes and forts, battlegrounds and warships, all lovingly preserved and ready to be explored. Mobile is home to a variety of walking, driving and boat tours to help you delve deep into our history, ideally finding part of YOUR story in the process.

Our Big Bragging Right

If you want to hear the Excelsior Band play live, come on down to Mardi Gras. Yes, we have that here. True story: Mobile had it here FIRST, y’all! We are, in fact, the Birthplace of America’s Original Mardi Gras. When we say we're “Born to Celebrate,” that’s not a marketing tagline — it’s all part of our incredible history. We’ll plant this seed: When the time comes to get back to Mardi Gras the way it should be, we encourage you to think about where it all began in the United States, here in Mobile. And, we’ll make you a deal: come visit us for a future Mardi Gras and we’ll provide the Moon Pies. Nope, Moon Pies aren’t made in Mobile (props to you, Chattanooga!), but they’ve helped make Mobile an especially memorable place during Carnival season. You’ll have to ask us why … which is just one fun reason to continue this conversation.

Our Art Scene

Whether or not you think you’re into art, you’re going to appreciate the way we do it. No matter where you go in Mobile, you’re surrounded by the beauty that comes from creative spirits doing whatever it is they do best. It starts with our buildings, many of which are architectural treasures. We’re also known for embracing public art, and a preponderance of murals and sculptures has turned our city into a giant outdoor gallery. And, we’re home to the Mobile Museum of Art, the largest such museum along the entire Gulf Coast, from Tampa to New Orleans. Our monthly LoDa ArtWalk brings together local artists, makers, and musicians coupled with the people who want to encourage and support them. Speaking of musicians, we’re proudly home to the Excelsior Band, a 10-piece brass band that has been a part of our celebratory scene for more than 100 years. Each member chooses his own successor, ensuring that the honor of serving in this one-of-a-kind band is passed from generation to generation!


Our Better-than-Great Outdoors

Eat everything that looks and sounds amazing in Mobile, and you’re going to need to burn off a few calories. Good thing we’re home to plenty of outdoor recreation and adventure. The Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, the second largest delta in the United States (second only to the mighty Mississippi), has earned the nickname “America’s Amazon” because it’s one of the largest and most bio-diverse wetland ecosystems anywhere in the world. Two of the best ways to explore it are via kayak and airboat. We also have the three Southern B’s here – bayous, bays and beaches. If you want some beach time, we urge you to head 45 minutes south of the city to quaint Dauphin Island. It’s easy to mistake our fine, white sand for sugar … and that’s kind of fitting, because we think the sweetest thing about our special island is that every member of your family – including pets – is welcome on our public beaches.

Our Big News for 2022

Under the cover of night in the summer of 1860 – 52 years after the international slave trade was outlawed – the Clotilda, a ship carrying 110 African captives, slipped into Mobile Bay. In the ensuing years, the Africans survived enslavement then later established a community as free Americans. They maintained their African identities and created a tight-knit, independent community in Mobile known as “Africatown.” In 2019 the skuttled Clotilda was discovered at the bottom of the Mobile River, a testament to the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade. The story of the people who survived the ship and their descendants, however, is one of hope and resilience. Early in 2022, the Africatown Heritage House Museum will open an exhibition telling the story of that final Clotilda journey, with a special focus on the people of the story – their individuality, their perseverance, and the extraordinary community they established.


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