Story Ideas


We have 300 years of stories we could tell you, but we think these are some angles to get you started.


As one of the oldest cities in the South, Mobile has a rich 300-year-old past with countless stories to tell.

French, Spanish, British, Creole, Catholic, Greek and African legacies have influenced everything from architecture to cuisine.  Mobile is the home of America’s Original Mardi Gras and Mobile Bay is where the legendary command, “Damn the torpedoes! full speed ahead!” was given.  As a little lagniappe, Jimmy Buffett, Hank Aaron and Lonnie Johnson (the brilliant inventor of the Super Soaker) are all from Mobile. We mentioned diverse, didn’t we?  If you have the time, we certainly have the stories!


Folks have been talking about the historic side of Mobile for 300 years but lately, they’re talking about the food.  Shrimp, blue crabs, oysters and more are as bountiful as succulent, and they come straight from our backyard, the Gulf of Mexico.  We can’t forget about the cornbread beside Southern fried chicken, collards, cheese grits and other soulful delicacies that really are as good as Momma's.  Slow-cooked pit barbecue is a prized local favorite and James Beard nominated Chefs are taking innovation to the next level. Pull up a seat and eat with us.  Stretchy pants not required!


Home to the second largest river delta and wetland in the US, you’ll want to discover ‘America’s Amazon.’  With more than 250,000 acres of scenic waterways, woods, wetlands and parks – this eco adventure is just ten minutes from Downtown Mobile. If biking trails, sporting events and championship golf are more your repertoire, we’ve got those too.   


Are you interested in Mardi Gras, African-American Heritage, Architecture, Music, Art or Food?  Is there something else that peaks your interest? Don’t worry, we probably have a tour for it! From airboats to segways and trolleys to pedicabs, there are plenty of options to see the sights and explore Mobile!


Mobile is full of artistic souls and spaces that will quench your cultural thirst.  From an eclectic mix of outdoor art throughout Downtown to a wide variety of studios and museums featuring murals, sculptures, paintings and more – you’ll quickly realize that art is all around you in Mobile.  


It is mystical, colorful, filled with royalty, steeped in tradition and yes… it happened here first. With celebrations dating back to 1703, Mobile is the proud home of the first Mardi Gras in America.  Mardi Gras is a way of life in Mobile. Our trees have beads hanging from them year-round and Mobilians are ninjas when it comes to catching MoonPies. Masked mystic societies, soulful marching bands and larger-than-life floats provide the ultimate street party where everyone is invited and welcomed!


As the home of America’s original Mardi Gras, Mobilians get it honestly. We are forever finding reasons to throw a party! With over 150 events and festivals a year that showcase everything from food to pole vaulting and everything in between, there is always something to celebrate in Mobile.


Mobile's music scene has always been lively but recently it has exploded. If it’s not local bands playing nightly, Mobile has become a top stop for many bands making their way across the country.  Who can blame them when they are playing in dreamy historic buildings where the acoustics make the music reverberate through your soul. From music festivals like SouthSounds and TenSixtyFive to charming neighborhood pubs and bars – Mobile’s stage is set and folks are showing up to listen.