Distinguished Young Women

#SoMobile for 67 years!

Founded in 1958, Distinguished Young Women is a free program that encourages participants to reach their full individual potential. The program’s mission is to empower young women by providing more than $1 billion in scholarship opportunities, developing self-confidence in a positive peer environment and participating in Life Skills Workshops that prepare them for success after high school.

Each summer representatives from all 50 states descend on Mobile, the birthplace of the program, for National Finals and when they do, they get a full dose of Southern hospitality!

Find out more about the prestigious program by visiting DistinguishedYW.org or by calling 251-438-3621.


June 26th - Get in on the fun for FREE and get a sneak peek of the 67th National Finals at Community Night!

Featured selections from the National Finals Program, as well as performances from the Has-Beens and winners of the Gulf Coast Spotlight Talent Showcase, the night is always power-packed with entertainment!


June 27 & 28th at 7pm, head to the Mobile Civic Center Theater for the First & Second Preliminaries of the Distinguished Young Women 67th National Finals! Watch the 50 state representatives compete on stage in Talent, Fitness and Self-Expression.

Ticket information - Call 251-438-3621 or email Valerie@DistinguishedYW.org.


Don’t miss a second of the final performance and the announcement of the Distinguished Young Woman for 2024! June 29 at 7pm, Mobile Civic Center Theater.

Watch all three shows for $77

Ticket Information - Call 251-438-3621 or email Valerie@DistinguishedYW.org.


Visit Mobile has invited our partners to help welcome our DYW participants, families, and friends with special discounts and/or gifts around the city. Please support our participating partners (updated annually) and take advantage of the exclusive offers your DYW credentials have earned you! 

*Details regarding discounts can be found at registration or on your DYW credentials



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