Gulf Coast Challenge

The Gulf Coast Challenge, “the Ultimate HBCU Experience” was created to enhance the exposure of Historically Black Colleges & Universities in this enriched community. The event highlights the community’s exclusive interest in HBCUs and the roles that they play in educating aspiring professionals and developing our future leaders.

The Gulf Coast Challenge will attract thousands of fans, alumni, school members and family members from these respected communities. This event also has a goal to raise scholarship funds for the participating schools for years to come. Doing so will help to support the knowledge and experience offered by the discipline, commitment and dedication it takes to be a Historically Black College & University student.

Fans and alumni from both institutions will be hosted in Mobile for the love of the game, the passion for their team, the fellowship of the alumni and the untapped fun of this flavorful city.


Announcements for the 2020 Gulf Coast Challenge
are coming soon including Game Dates, Teams and Events.

Highlights from the 2019 Gulf Coast Challenge are Below


GCC Game Day Poster schedule        



Gulf Coast Challenge 5k poster


Gulf Coast Challenge Parade Poster