There are some things about Mobile that are undeniable. Mardi Gras has been celebrated in Mobile since 1703, making it the country’s oldest (and best) carnival tradition. We are the oldest city in Alabama. Some of our nicknames include “The Azalea City,” “The City of Six Flags” and “The Gateway to the Gulf.” 

Outside of these hard facts, some experiences are #SoMobile, you wouldn’t believe it unless you enjoyed them for yourself. Dive into these adventures and add them to your next itinerary for your next journey to the Port City.


Dauphin Street Vault

Hundreds of pole vault enthusiasts flock to downtown Mobile to show off their best talents at the Dauphin Street Vault every summer. All skill levels, from newbies to Olympians, are encouraged to put their skills to the test. The participants aren’t the only ones catching a thrill. The event has transformed into a spectator sport, where guests line the streets and balconies of nearby businesses to cheer on the pole vaulters as they sail through the air. The 2024 Dauphin Street Vault will take off at 8 a.m. on Saturday, July 20.

Joe Cain’s Merry Widows

Our beloved Mardi Gras experience wouldn’t be complete without watching Joe Cain’s widows wail and mourn at his burial site at the Church Street Graveyard. On the Sunday before Fat Tuesday, dozens of women dressed in black veils and gowns “argue” over who Cain loved the most. The ladies then join the community celebration at the home of Joe Cain on Augusta Street before ultimately joining the parade named in his honor to throw their highly-coveted black roses. The Joe Cain Parade is also known as "The People's Parade," and anyone is allowed to process the route.

At this point, you’re probably wondering who Joe Cain is. We’ve got you covered! Learn all about Joe Cain, the Mardi Gras essentials and other Fat Tuesday fast facts.

Las Floriditas

Hidden behind a “bookshelf” at the bottom of RSA Tower lies the Cuban speakeasy, Las Floriditas. This vibrant lounge is known for its password-only entry, lively atmosphere and menu items that capture the mystique of a prohibition-era bar. Guests can enjoy handcrafted drinks, including their signature mojitos and daiquiris while soaking in the colorful and tropical decor. The venue often features live music and salsa dancing classes, adding to the authentic Cuban experience. Las Floriditas is a perfect spot for both locals and visitors looking to enjoy a taste of Havana right in the heart of Mobile.

The Clotilda

110 enslaved Africans were brought to America aboard the Clotilda, the last known American slave ship. After the ship docked in Mobile Bay in 1860, the misplaced group was forced to survive in a new land while parts of their hearts and identities were overseas. Despite the adversity and longing for their homes, the survivors established the Africatown community in northern Mobile. There are so many ways to learn about the legacies of the 110 survivors of the Clotilda, their descendants and the future of Africatown. Africatown Heritage House is home to the “Clotilda: The Exhibition” exhibit. The Dora Franklin Finley African-American Heritage Trail offers in-depth tours of the Africatown area. Historic Blakeley State Park and Africatown Experience Tours provide boat tours to the site of the Clotilda wreck.

MoonPie Over Mobile

Mobilians are so obsessed with MoonPies that the new year is welcomed by a 600-pound electric replica of the treat that glides down the side of RSA Tower at the stroke of midnight. MoonPie Over Mobile, the city’s annual New Year’s Eve celebration, provides residents and visitors with a day full of festivities that usher in the upcoming year on an uplifting note. Also, MoonPie Over Mobile recently earned the #9 spot on USA TODAY's "10 Best New Year's Eve drops in the U.S!"

Reese’s Senior Bowl

Did you know that 30% of NFL players participated in the Reese’s Senior Bowl? Some of the larger-than-life names that we hear faithfully during Sunday Night Football (Dak Prescott, Jalen Hurts and Josh Allen are just a few!) started their path to the draft in Mobile. Draft prospects from around the country come to the Port City to flaunt their talents and connect with personnel from all 32 NFL teams. The 2025 Reese’s Senior Bowl will take place at the University of South Alabama’s Hancock Whitney Stadium on Saturday, February 1.