This year, make “discovery” your mission. Mobile’s renowned museums are nothing short of phenomenal and captivating. Recently, a few of the city’s museums have opened extraordinary exhibits that transport you across international waters, take you into the past and blast you into the future all while keeping you engaged. Visit these museum exhibits before they leave the Port City and keep your eyes peeled for the openings of new ones.


Currently open

  • ¡CUBA!​ Exhibit at the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center: Step into the streets of Havana at the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center’s newest exhibit and short film at the PCI Digital Dome Theater, ¡CUBA! With displays dedicated to the archipelago’s biodiversity, cuisine, religion and more, this exhibit is a love letter to the intricacies of Cuban culture. While at the exhibit, explore the similarities between Havana and Mobile, as the two are sister cities. ¡CUBA!, will be in Mobile until Saturday, July 27, 2024. Read more about the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center ¡CUBA! Exhibit in our blog, “Cuban Wonders in Mobile”


  • Dr. E.O. Wilson Exhibit at National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico: Have you ever wondered how fire ants are relevant to the history of Mobile? If so, your burning questions can be answered at the E.O. Wilson’s Field Lab Exhibit at the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico. Dr. E.O. Wilson, a native Mobilian and sociobiologist, was fascinated by the fire ants’ invasion of the Gulf Coast hundreds of years ago and dedicated much of his career to studying the species. Visitors will be captivated by a replica of Wilson’s lab and his detailed studies on how fire ants accidentally invaded the Mobile Bay area. 


  • Jim Crow in Mobile at South Alabama Archaeology Museum: Explore the oral histories of Africatown and David Avenue at the University of South Alabama Archaeology Museum’s current exhibit, "Unwritten: Archaeology & Oral History of Jim Crow Mobile." Learn about the Lewis, Owens and Griffin families of Mobile and how gentrification and the passing of time drastically changed their homes and communities. Artifacts and oral history are some of the many inspirations that keep the memories of Africatown and Davis Avenue alive. View this moving exhibit until April 2024.


Opening soon

  • The Global Language of Headwear at the History Museum of Mobile: Fashion, storytelling and history go hand in hand. From Friday, March 15 to Friday, June 7, 2024, the History Museum of Mobile’s upcoming exhibit, The Global Language of Headwear, will feature over 80 hats and headdresses from 42 countries. Not only will this exhibit display some of the most vibrant colors and styles donned around the world, but it will also highlight the different classes, cultures and creativity behind every single stitch. 


  • Summer Exhibits at the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center: Museums are meant to be enjoyed by curious minds of all ages. This summer, the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center will be rolling out the red carpet for the kiddos with two new immersive exhibits. Little visitors will have the opportunity to travel to ancient villages and step into the backgrounds of famous paintings. “The Amazing Castle” exhibit will feature eight themed rooms that invite guests to become citizens in a magical medieval village. In the “Step Into Art” exhibit, visitors will immerse themselves into the settings of Grant Wood’s “Dinner for Threshers,” Diego Rivera’s “Corn Festival” and other renowned works of art.