Pride Month is a time to celebrate, and the Mobile Carnival Museum is no stranger to celebrating. 

For the first time in the museum’s history, the Mobile Carnival Museum will have a special exhibit dedicated solely to the LGBTQ+ communities that make Mobile’s Carnival season so special. 

According to Cart Blackwell, museum curator, More than Purple, Green, and Gold: The Pride of Carnival is “celebratory in nature and features the best of Carnival art forms for three very special LGBTQ+ organizations.” 

These three organizations include the Order of Osiris, Order of Pan, and Krewe of Phoenix. 

The Order of Osiris was founded in 1980 with the Krewe of Phoenix following in 2009 and the Order of Pan joining together in 2012. 

Blackwell delightfully explained that museum visitors can expect to see the “best of the best in terms of artifacts, costumes, and regalia.” Each organization’s emblem representation(s) will be on viewing, and is something to not miss out on. Visitors will leave with a newfound understanding of what makes each organization so unique, and why each emblem representation is a beautiful depiction of the organization.

When asked about some of the artifacts in the exhibit, Blackwell said, “there are some really, really cool things creating a celebratory show.” Headdresses, exquisite costumes, textiles, and even costumes of these organization’s monarchs are on the docket. 

Visitors can even expect to see photograph albums and posters from the 1980s when the Order of Osiris was formed. Blackwell explained that these photograph albums are so special because there was no such thing as photoshop or mobile devices! That’s right, no Instagram or Tiktok - just a good ole fashion camera and lots of good times! 

Discover the bravery and cutting-edge ideas of each of these organizations beginning June 1 through August 31. Leave knowing that “America’s original carnival celebration is diverse and has something for everyone.”

P.S. Check out our TikTok for a sneak peek at the exhibit!