Mobile is home to some of the South’s most mouthwatering dishes and drinks. When the plates are cleared and you're searching for one last bite to complete your meal, dessert is the next step. Here are a few must-try dishes to indulge in on your next visit to the Azalea City.


Hummingbird Way Oyster Bar

“Miss Maudie Atkinson baked a lane cake so loaded with shinny it made me tight.” -Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird  by Harper Lee

Hummingbird Way Oyster Bar’s entire menu is worthy of praise but the Lane cake is one of its many shining stars. Covered in coconut, raisin and pecan-infused icing and soaked in whiskey, it’s no secret why this moist sponge cake is the apple of Alabama’s eye. The Lane cake and Alabama’s love story began over 100 years ago when Emma Rylander Lane introduced the dish to locals at a state fair.  Since then, the Lane cake has become part of our culture and our official state dessert.

Lane Cake


Find your gluten-free paradise with Guncles. With cream pies, bundt cakes and cinnamon rolls aplenty, Guncles has ample desserts to accommodate those who still crave baked goods despite having gluten allergies. If you’re still in search of other gluten-free baked goods like biscuits and baguettes, Guncles is still a go-to. 

more guncles cake

3 Georges Fine Southern Chocolates

For the ultimate dose of local history and sugar, visit 3 Georges Fine Southern Chocolates. Established in 1917  by George Pappolamporous, George Pope and George Spero, the store serves a variety of confections, ranging from house-made chocolates and milkshakes to lollipops. 3 Georges, situated in one of the city's oldest buildings, maintains a connection to its roots by sticking to the authentic recipes crafted by its founders.

Pecans at 3 Georges

Mo'Bay Beignet

Powdered to perfection, Mo’Bay Beignet is nothing short of delicious. Dust the tips of your fingers and taste buds with the sweetness of these beloved Southern treats. Fried to golden perfection and complimented by the signature buttercream and cinnamon syrups, Mo’Bay Beignet’s dishes are hand-cut and made to order for the largest and smallest of appetites.
Fun Fact: Every month, Mo’Bay Beignet offers a new syrup to pair with your dessert. Each syrup boasts a different flavor but will make you say “Wow!”


Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe

We all scream for ice cream! Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe has been taming sweet tooths since 1969. Boasting a menu with over 40 seasonal and regular flavors, Cammie’s has secured its spot as a year-round go-to for Mobilians. Dive into countless dessert and topping options, from milkshakes and malts to curacao floats and more. 

ice cream cone at cammies old dutch in mobile, alabama

Original Oyster House

Dessert with a tipsy twist! Enhance your dining experience at the Original Oyster House with the "Bushwacker" specialty cocktail. Featuring a delightful blend of peanut butter whiskey, rum, and ice cream, this drink introduces a sweet and coconut-infused touch to your evening, making it the perfect complement to your meal and views of Mobile Bay.