August Artwalk with Lee Ann Ward

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Join us for the August Artwalk with Lee Ann Ward, founder of Writing Away Refuge, on August 9, 2024, 6-8PM, at The Haunted Book Shop. Lee Ann will be chatting with guests about what Writing Away Refuge offers writers and how the organization can forward your writing career. Writing Away Refuge serves as a beacon for writers aiming to connect with top-tier literary agents and establish their unique voice in the literary spectrum.

Writing Away Refuge features virtual pitch retreats facilitated over Zoom, an exciting platform where writers can present their work to five renowned literary agents per retreat. In addition, WAR offers live retreats--bringing the community together under one roof, along with enlightening writing classes and an annual first chapter contest guaranteed to stir your creative spirits.

Join us during August Artwalk in downtown Mobile, AL, to learn more from Lee Ann Ward and to ask her all those questions that plague writers--How do I get an agent? How do I write a pitch? Is becoming an author even possible?

Mr. Bingley hopes you won't miss this opportunity!