The Clotilda

The Last American Slave Ship


An international spotlight has found Mobile with the 2018 discovery of the Clotilda, the last known slave ship to enter the United States just north of the city. The schooner, Clotilda, smuggled African captives into the country in 1860, more than 50 years after the importation of enslaved humans was outlawed. Africatown, a community settled by the survivors after emancipation, is buzzing with energy as new light is being shed on the community’s history with this unprecedented discovery.

Below are some of the national and international stories on the recent discovery. After all, it’s not just Mobile’s history, it’s world history. 

Come Explore Africatown & the Clotilda


Water Tours Coming Soon

Take a journey along the Mobile River where you will hear stories of captives on the schooner, Clotilda, who were illegally carried through the same waters more than 160 years ago bringing in the last shipment of enslaved humans to land on America’s shores. Discover their survival, heroism, and their ultimate story of resiliency as they founded the Africatown community, which still exists today.  It's more than a tour ... it's an experience

Africatown Heritage House Coming Soon

The community of Africatown, just north of downtown Mobile, is one of America's treasured historical communities just waiting to share their story. Coming in the Spring/Summer of 2022, the museum will open to the world sharing the experience of the journey to/from Africa, bringing life to the 110 captives, showing artifacts of the burned and sunken shipwreck, and allowing us all to reflect on the past emphasizing how strength, optimism, and resilience created a community and country like none other. 



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