We are so excited to launch this series of videos!

Last November, we launched our 'Born To Celebrate' campaign that has been so well-received. An integral part of the campaign was a video that showcased just how special Mobile is.

All of us at Visit Mobile think the video was a slam dunk. In fact, it has over 200K views! If you haven't seen that video, you'll want to watch it before you continue. If you have seen it, there's no shame in watching it again!


Now, let's talk about all of those people that you see in the video. They are some of the funky and festive folks that make Mobile a place to celebrate.This series is about those people and their stories!

Each week, we'll introduce you to another familiar face, another story and another reason to celebrate Mobile!

First up, meet Hosea. He's music to our ears.


Now, meet Kati!


Next, meet the fabulous folks who brought us the Delta Bike Project!



If you love beer and Mobile, you'll love Anthony.



THE man himself... Wayne Dean as Chief Slacabamorinico!



A fantastic ambassador for Mobile, Candace Foster!


-Visit Mobile