The South is the birthplace of so many iconic sayings. “Bless your heart,” “over yonder” and “fixin’ to” are just a handful. The Port City’s dictionary has phrases that many tried and true Mobilians swear by. 


"Born under an azalea bush in Bienville Square on Joe Cain Day"

Definition: Huh?

Mobile-ism: You can’t get more Mobilian than this! This sentence is your declaration of being “so Mobile” that this is how you entered the world.

Ketchum Fountain, Bienville Square

“Boom Boom”

Definition: The noise that a drum makes.

Mobile-ism: Another name for our beloved tradition of Mardi Gras parades. This term has become so popular that it’s the name of one of Braided River Brewing Company’s pale ales. 


Causeway vs Bayway

Definition: Bridges that connect Mobile and Baldwin Counties. 

Mobile-ism: The Jubilee Parkway, also known as the Bayway to locals, is an extension of the interstate. The Causeway was built in 1926 and is smaller in comparison to the Bayway. The Causeway also has a greater risk of flooding during storms. All in all, both bridges get you to your intended destination.


European influence on Mobile’s history

Definition: A majority of the Gulf Coast was under European rule during the 18th and 19th centuries.  

Mobile-ism: If you can’t pronounce “Joachim,” “Dauphin” or “Bienville,” we know that you most likely aren’t from the Gulf Coast. From our architecture to our street names, you’ll find international influences everywhere in Mobile. 

Dauphin Street Downtown Mobile

Service roads

Definition: An access road, frontage road, or parallel road; A local road running parallel to a higher-speed, limited-access road.

Mobile-ism: The only way to survive afternoon traffic on Airport Boulevard. 


Definition: An abbreviation for Los Angeles, California.

Mobile-ism: An abbreviation for Lower Alabama; A funny one-liner that will shock people once they hear it with a southern accent. 

Mobile Skyline


Definition: The direction that goes toward the part of the earth below the equator, opposite to the north or the part of an area or country that is in this direction.

Mobile-ism: A nickname for The University of South Alabama. Go Jags!

University of South Alabama football stadium


Definition: The eighth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

Mobile-ism: The hottest, sweatiest and most air-conditioning worthy month of the year! Bring out the tank tops and turn the fans all the way up. 


Moon Pie

Definition: An American snack, popular across much of the United States, which consists of two round Graham crackers, with marshmallow filling in the center, dipped in a flavored coating.

Mobile-ism: A delicacy that is enjoyed all year round but especially during Mardi Gras. A box of Moon Pies can be a parade goer’s most valued throw or worst nightmare. Can be hurdled at high speeds so head’s up!



Definition: The lack of good sense; Foolishness.

Mobile-ism: The Order of Myths (OOM), Mobile’s second oldest parading mystic society, is represented by a jester named Folly. During the OOM parade, Folly chases a member dressed as a skeleton to represent Death around the “broken column of life” with gold painted pig bladders. At the end of the chase, Folly wins and the crowd rejoices. At the end of our lives, we all succumb to death but during Mardi Gras, folly will always win. That got dark for a second. 




Definition: Capable of moving or being moved

Mobile-ism: One of the oldest cities on the Gulf Coast. The home of Mardi Gras. The first city established in Alabama. Enough said. Also, it’s pronounced “Mo-BEEL.”

Copy of D'Iberville Statue


Definition: A season is a period of the year that is distinguished by special climate conditions. The four seasons—spring, summer, fall and winter—follow one another regularly. Each has its own light, temperature and weather patterns that repeat yearly.

Mobile-ism: The definition listed above is cool and all but things are a bit different in the Azalea City. Either it’s hot or it’s cool outside. If you want to catch a Mobilian’s attention, football season and hurricane season are the only ones we truly acknowledge.

Football Jags


Before your next trip to Mobile, add these words and phrases to your vocab.