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MOBILE, Ala. — For decades, a handful of ancestors and neighborhood historians held down the legends of Africatown’s founding, recalling the stories of kidnapped people ripped from Africa and forced

In this short film, the descendants of Africans on the last known American slave ship, Clotilda, describe what it would mean to discover and document the wreck site of the vessel. ➡ Subscribe:

AFRICATOWN, Ala. — Dressed in African textiles, wax print dresses and headdresses, residents of this quaint neighborhood near Mobile, Ala., sang and danced to the upbeat melodies of a brass band

MOBILE, Ala.—The discovery of the Clotilda slave ship last month in the Mobile River Delta is one of the rarest of archaeological artifacts: tangible evidence validating the story that Africans had

By Mark Heim |

In January, USA announced the venue will be known as Hancock Whitney Stadium when it opens in 2020 under the terms of a 10-year agreement.

Erdmann said Wednesday the

Hidden Gems


There was a time when planners chose meeting destinations by selecting one of the biggest that offered the most of everything at the best prices.

Not anymore. Finding