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We may be in the midst of prime summertime, and there’s still fall and the whole holiday season ahead, but we’re getting ready and counting the days to one of the most exciting cultural events in the

You may think of the “Big Easy” on Fat Tuesday, but other towns throughout Louisiana and the wider Gulf Coast play host to raucous celebrations

Mobile is considered by many to be the birthplace of

Alabama: Attend Mardi Gras in Mobile

When people think about Mardi Gras, they often think about New Orleans; however, the celebration takes place in many cities in the south, including Mobile. While

6 Best Things to do in Mobile With Kids| Sand and Snow

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 11:00 AM

Karyn Locke

Mobile, AL, is a city booming with culture, cool restaurants, and an all-over fun vibe. When this Northern gal headed south for a month this winter, Mobile was my last stop

Mardi Gras isn’t a day; it’s a season. Okay, officially Mardi Gras is specifically the Tuesday before Lent begins in the Catholic liturgical calendar, but it’s the culmination of carnival, a period of

Some claim the earliest Mardi Gras celebration was in Mobile, Alabama, not New Orleans, but it depends on a few technicalities—and who's answering the question.

If you thought Mardi

An expert shares tips on how to celebrate Mardi Gras

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Our Expert Cart Blackwell is curator at the Mobile Carnival Museum, the oldest such museum in the United States.

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We usually associate Mardi Gras with New Orleans and all the parade revelry in the French Quarter and Uptown. But the oldest carnival celebration as we know it—parades, masked

Mobile is the birthplace of Mardi Gras in America, and it remains a city that celebrates the occasion in a variety of ways, making it a terrific choice for adults and kids alike. With roughly 40

The cellophane-wrapped sugar bomb hurtled toward us in the Alabama night. Jostling for position, I boxed out the 7-year-old boy to my right, lunged in front of the grandmother to my left and snagged