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This New Museum Honors the 110 People on Board

The Clotilda, the last known U.S. slave ship, arrived in Mobile, Alabama, in 1860 with 110 enslaved people. Travel journalist Natalie Preddie visits and

Venture down to the Gulf Coast for a vacation that’s steeped in solemn, critically important history. This summer, Mobile’s Africatown Heritage House is opening a new exhibit about the Clotilda, the

On July 8, 1860, shipbuilder William Foster brought 110 men, women, and children stolen from West Africa into Mobile Bay, in Alabama, more than 50 years after slavery was abolished in America.

Tickets to Site That Shares the Stories of the 110 Survivors of the Last American Slave Ship Now Available “Clotilda: The Exhibition” Will Open at Africatown Heritage House on July 8 Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama (May 31, 2023) — Africatown Heritage House, the site that will be home to “Clotilda: The Exhibition” and share the long-untold story of the last known slave ship to arrive in the

Mobile, Alabama (May 22, 2023) – Some of the best vacation destinations are the spots where you can do a little bit of everything during your trip. Here in Mobile, nicknamed Alabama’s “First City,”

Let Them Eat Cake!

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Roundup of the Best Cakes in MBPR’s Client Destinations

Lane Cake from The Hummingbird Way Oyster Bar

Lane Cake from The Hummingbird WayLane Cake from The Hummingbird Way

Lane Cake was invented by Emma Rylander Lane more than 100 years ago as an entry in Alabama’s

Mobile, Alabama (March 20, 2023) — Today marks 110 days until the July 8 opening of Africatown Heritage House, a community building that will house “Clotilda: The Exhibition” and share the long-untold

History Is Reimagined in Mobile

Tuesday, April 18, 2023 11:00 AM by VISIT MOBILE

Mobile, Alabama (April 18, 2023) – With more than 300 years of history under its belt, Alabama’s First City has no shortage of architectural assets that tell the tale of its storied past. While many

Battleship Memorial Park | Mobile, Alabama

Pay homage to the USS Alabama, a battleship with a remarkable military career. First launched in 1943, the ship journeyed to the North Atlantic during World