Historical sites and informative tours are a primary draw for travelers when exploring a new city, and for good reason. You can follow the brick path of Boston’s Freedom Trail to see 16 historic markers, wander through the National Mall in Washington DC, or drive back in time through eight states on Route 66. While experiencing America’s most popular attractions is a must for history buffs, don’t forget about those destinations with history you might have to search to find.

From haunted hotspots to forgotten folktales and completely random fun facts, we’ve rounded up seven cities with odd or interesting backstories to add to your bucket list.


Africatown, Mobile, Alabama


In the late 1800s, the last slave ship to enter the United States docked just outside of Mobile, Alabama. The importation of slaves had been banned at that point, so the ship, called the Clotilda, was burned and deliberately sunk under cover of night, with some slaves being sold far from Mobile, and others staying in the area after the Civil War. The history was shared orally, but the ship wasn't found until 2019. The survivors founded a community called Africatown, which houses the Africatown Heritage House and an exhibition on the Clotilda today.


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