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Are you ready to start travelling as long as the restricted limits due to Covid-19 expansion cease to apply?

Here are ten US cities worth exploring in 2021.

1. Mobile, Alabama
The city was founded in 1702 by the French as the first capital of Louisiana. During its first 100 years, Mobile was a colony of France, then Britain, and lastly Spain. Mobile became a part of the United States in 1813. From the above everyone can easily understand that this city has a significant cultural background. Mobile, considered one of the Gulf Coast’s cultural centers has many art museums, many constructions of historic architecture, while is known for having the oldest organized Carnival or Mardi Gras celebrations in the United States. Furthermore, is a great choice if you want to enjoy fresh seafood.

2. Fairbanks, Alaska
Here you can find archeological sites that date back to over 10.000 years. Also, the city is unique for sports activities such as kayaking, fishing etc. There is an archeological place that you must not miss. It is the University of Alaska’s Museum of the North.

3. Prescott, Arizona
You can have a walk at the historical area known as Whiskey Row and enjoy a drink of whiskey in one of the many saloons. Prescott has many Victorian style buildings and beautiful nature. It is worth mentioning that the city hosts interesting events annually such as The World’s Oldest Rodeo.

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