Here's the deal - we love a fish taco.

Soft, crispy, baked, fried, blackened.

Garnished with arugula, spring mix or cabbage.

Topped with fresh mango salsa, fiery hot salsa or smooth tomatillo salsa.  

There just isn't a fish a taco we don't want to dive into! 

And... we did.   We ate our way through the fish taco scene and happy to report, that although our waistline is a little bigger, we have some SCRUMPTIOUS options when you visit Mobile!

OK Bicycle Shop

*Two words: Avocado cream. We almost asked for some in a bowl so we could just eat it with a spoon.

[caption id="attachment_2413" align="aligncenter" ]Fish Taco - Bike Shop Crispy Fish Taco[/caption]


Wintzell's Oyster House

*Perfectly blackened fish with cold pico de gallo and fresh purple cabbage. It's a perfect taco.

[caption id="attachment_2412" align="aligncenter" ]Fish Taco - Wintzells Blackened Fish Tacos[/caption]


The Royal Scam 

*We weren't sure if it was the pickled cabbage or the lime cilantro crème fraiche  but something about this taco made us want to jump up and do a happy dance.

[caption id="attachment_2410" align="aligncenter" ]Fish Taco - Royal Scam Lightly Blackened Fish Tacos[/caption]


Fuego Coastal Mexican Eatery

*This is a big ole mess of the best kind. SO much of everything. It's a thick piece of delicious Mahi-Mahi with a heaping mound of jicama slaw topped with a spicy cilantro aioli that starts to drip down your hand. And, you're okay with that because it's literally finger-licking good!

[caption id="attachment_2456" align="alignnone" ]Fuego Fish Taco 2 Mahi-Mahi Baja Tacos[/caption]


Von's Bistro

*This taco is quite different from the above mentioned....but equally amazing. {If you like cilantro -this will be your best friend.} The Asian flavors really come through with  this dish and the cool cucumber really hits this taco out of the park.

Von's Fish Tacos


There you have it --there's our round-up of Fish Tacos for you to devour! But these are just starting points because there are plenty more fish tacos to eat in Mobile! Take a look at all of our restaurants to really dive into the Fish Taco scene!

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