I’ve had the pleasure of interning with Visit Mobile this semester. This also happens to be my last semester of college and they have tasked me with creating a #somobilebucketlist for college seniors. It’s almost like my graduation depends on it! So here goes...

Just like that four years have flown by! There’s now only one month standing between us and graduation. We’ve survived (barely) the sleepless nights, the coffee overloads, and the senior capstone projects! Soon many of us will be headed to grad school, to new and exciting careers, or back to mom’s couch. So, before it’s all over, grab your best pals (or the one with the car) and make this last month the most exciting yet. From crawfish boils to kayaking, you’ll most definitely be going out with a bang!

I’ll be sure to update this post as my friends and I move through the list. Be sure to share your adventures with the hashtag #somobilebucketlist. Last but not least….CONGRATULATIONS!  


-Brittany Gagliano, Visit Mobile