Last night, we had the pleasure of attending the grand finale of the 2014 Mobile Fashion Week. While the fashion was stunning {more on that in a bit}, there was an evident show-stopper by the name of Richard McGill Hamilton.  And, this was a close race next to an adorable dog that walked the runway at the end of the show. As the founder of Mobile Fashion Week, Richard is the heart of the event and his love for what Fashion Week represents is down-right infectious.

Mobile Fashion Week is not just about the fashion. It's about giving back. They brought in all parts and pieces of the fashion world to draw attention to local charities, while of course, celebrating fashion.

Ladies and gentleman, what we have here is a fashion show that makes you feel GOOD!

What Richard and his awesome team have created is something to proudly stand behind. It also doesn't hurt that the shows are really fun and the clothes.... {we said we'd come back to this}.

From brands such as William Bradley to Harold & Mod and local boutiques like Hourglass, Hemline, Lotus and Private Gallery, you wanted to take home everything you saw. Including the adorable, fluffy dog that walked the runway too.

Needless to say, it was an INCREDIBLE week and last night's grand finale left us counting down the days until next year.

To Richard: you rock. Seriously ROCK. Thank you for what you do for our local organizations and what you bring to our city. Mobile is lucky to have you.

Check out our photos from last night. And, for all the details on how the money raised is given and to what organizations, visit

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