-Originated in 1703, Mobile is THE birthplace of America's original Mardi Gras.

-Joe Cain is the man. He brought Mardi Gras back to life after the Civil War by leading an impromptu parade down the streets of Mobile and we've been doing it ever since.  He has a whole day dedicated to him during Mardi Gras. {More on this in a minute}

-From February 7- 25, over 40 parades will roll throughout the streets of Downtown Mobile.

-Mardi Gras Day, held this year on February 25, is most often referred to as Fat Tuesday.

-Joe Cain Day,  held this year on February 23, is when Mobillians come alive in a way you need to see to believe. It's a day where families, friends and everyone in between, are downtown to celebrate what our hero, Joe Cain started all those years ago. Mobillians feel incredibly lucky to have Mardi Gras and on Joe Cain Sunday, you can feel it in your bones.

-You can never wear too many beads around your neck. Consider this a challenge.

-Visiting the Mobile Carnival Museum during Mardi Gras is a must. 

-MoonPies are the most coveted catch. Folks yell "MoonPie" at the revelers as if they were pure gold! MoonPies come in a variety of flavors, fly fast and taste like soft, marshmallow heaven. Pro-tip, they taste exceptional when heated up in the microwave for 8 seconds! 

-King Cakes are a special part of the Mobile Mardi Gras tradition. Our friends at the Mobile Mask describe it more like a brioche than an actual cake, with the perfect amount of cinnamon. Watch out before you bite into a King Cake, there may be a coin, token or a tiny baby in your piece. If you get it, the next King Cake is on you!  We are lucky to have them in many forms including cake balls, cocktails (yes, we said cocktails) ice cream, and so much more

-Real talk here.  We all love a good time but we must mention the absolute DO NOT DOs during Mardi Gras: 

  1. Do not throw anything at the floats.
  2. Do not ignore the 'No Parking' signs.
  3. DO NOT JUMP A BARRICADE. Trust us. Just don't.

Do you feel like a Mardi Gras expert yet?  We'll see you in Downtown Mobile soon for our favorite time of year!

-Your friends at VisitMobile