Here's something that got us REAL excited during a stroll down Dauphin Street last week.

Noble South Brunch 5

The Noble South is starting a brunch service??!! WHAAAAT.

Y'all already know how we feel about brunch. But, if you don't, you've got some reading to do before you keep going. Read THIS and then come back.

Mobilians live for brunch. It's better than any meal of the whole day. It's serious and SO good.

First of all, anything that involves Champagne is always a good thing. {But, be safe, folks.}

Noble South Brunch 1

We have friends in high places {more on that below} that supplied us with these photos that we can't stop drooling over.  Take a look!

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*Special thank you to Cassie Franklin for providing us with some of these photos. She's one of The Noble South's fabulous servers ---feel free to ask for her or tell her hello when you go to have brunch!*

The Noble South is located at 203 Dauphin Street and is now open for Sunday brunch!


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