May is Preservation Month! All month long, we are celebrating the historic places that matter the most, not only to our great city, but around the country.

Why do old places matter? Historic places give us a sense of identity, but they also give us hope for the future. People travel all over the world to find a sense of place, where their connections of the past bring them into the present.

Three hundred years of history has shaped Mobile. That historic fabric is deeply rooted in our relationship to the water. We are a port city, and our historic places and the stories they tell are what make Mobile such a special place to visit.

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Walk through DeTonti Square to sample Mobile’s Italianate architecture; visit Historic Oakleigh to learn about how cotton built, but nearly brought this city to its knees; take a tour of Bellingrath Gardens and Home to view master architect George Rogers’ style and influence. Make plans to walk through Church Street Graveyard or Magnolia Cemetery to pay homage to our founders. Make a stop at Fort Conde to learn about our colonial past. Or choose from a variety of tour options to explore more of Historic Mobile and take in all of the sites!

So, for the month of May, celebrate the historic places that matter to you. Because they matter to Mobile!

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-Submitted by Historic Mobile Preservation Society