Africatown CDC Scholars, Historians & Storytellers

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The Africatown CDC Scholars, Historians & Storytellers. The quality of life in Africatown is restored through a close-knit Community of connected neighborhoods, attractions, parks, and small businesses that preserve and celebrate its culture, are safe, affordable, charming, and co-exist peacefully with its surroundings. The Community is a destination for residents of all ages, students, and tourists who sustain it. Africatown is also the home of the Africatown CDC Scholars, Historians & Storytellers who comprise of educators from Africatown, West Africa & institutions of scholarship that use public events, festivals, lectures, classes, storytelling, and more tools to share the history of Africatown before and after the Clotilde landed in Mobile in 1859. We hold events at the 2nd oldest public school in the state of Alabama created by our Africatown ancestors. This school is Mobile County Training School Den @ 800 Whitley Street Mobile, Alabama 36610; We hold events & festivals at public parks and venues; we welcome invitations from schools, churches, businesses, festivals, colleges & universities, reunions and other events that wish to take a historical journey with us through history.

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